You can find us in Fira which is the beautiful capital of the island and the largest and most cosmopolitan settlement in Santorini.

It is located on the western edge of the island, opposite the two volcanic islands of Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni in the volcano and sea. In addition to the road route from the port and airport, for those looking for a traditional experience, there is a cable car or donkey trail from the port to Fira.

Fira is a combination of natural beauty, social life, nightlife and shopping, where you can feel the energy of the island and where all the action takes place. What makes it so captivating is the view of the caldera, which leaves visitors speechless at any time of the day.

A stroll through the picturesque streets will fill you with harmony during the day, while at night you may find yourself in the middle of a huge party. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs where you can relax and enjoy the stunning views, or dance and have fun. In fact, it has the most restaurants and entertainment venues on the island, as well as the largest shopping mall.

In addition, there are many clothing stores, gift shops, souvenir shops, supermarkets and other facilities.